WWE: 10 Most Inappropriate Storylines Ever

2. Vince McMahon Says "Ni**er" For me, this entry goes in at number 2, because to this day, I have no idea of why Vince McMahon ever said the N word, let alone how he got away with it. The incident occurred on the 2005 at the traditional Survivor Series pay per view. McMahon was jovially chatting with John Cena, and declared, "keep it up my n***a". Booket T then passes with wife Sharmell, in scripted shock. Just what was the point of all of this? Who knows. McMahon probably just wanted to say the N word on Tv, and the incident was quickly forgotten. It seems that McMahon thought it was acceptable to use the word in a comedy context with Cena, in a send up of rap culture perhaps. It just didn't work though. Far from a comedy reaction, my reaction as a viewer was "holy crap, Vince McMahon just used the N word". The Booker T inclusion made it all the more inappropriate. It is yet another example of how real life rules of decency just don't apply to Vince McMahon's creative visions. Any white guy should never be using the N word. Particularly a white guy who is the face of a corporate giant. Some fans go further, suggesting McMahon is to some degree racially bigoted. But that is untrue, McMahon is many things, but he is not a racist. Despite this some fans continue to point out that the WWE Championship's history is dominated by white guys. To those people, Vince would probably reply with the name of one of his biggest stars - "The Rock".
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