WWE: 10 Most Inappropriate Storylines Ever

1. Triple H Has Sex With A Dead Body

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YSW6suutQGs Without a doubt the most infamous and shocking moment in WWE's history of inappropriate storylines, Triple H simulating sex with Kane's dead girlfriend is the winner. The whole concept and story made absolutely no sense, and it seems the story existed merely because Vince McMahon thought it would be hilarious to do a story involving necrophilia. The story revolved around Katie Vick, a girl who supposedly used to date masked superstar Kane. She died in a car crash in which Kane was the driver, and this was a source of taunting from Triple H who was feuding with Kane at the time. The key segment in the creative process was Triple H going into a funeral parlour dressed as Kane, and getting into a coffin with a mannequin. Hunter then proceeds to hump this mannequin, until something squirts from the mannequin. "Oh my god," Hunter blurts, "I screwed her brains out." The whole thing was ridiculous, and led to huge fan and media criticism. Two wrestlers having a wrestling match based off one of them having sex with a corpse was without a doubt the lowest point in WWE creative history.
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