WWE: 10 Most Inappropriate Storylines Ever

10. CM Punk Pours Paul Bearer's Ashes On Undertaker, Just Three Weeks After Bearer's Real Death Paul Bearer was one of the most beloved WWF characters of all time, his distinctive look and catchphrase "Ohhh yesss" making him a memorable part of the Attitude Era. His management of acts like Mankind and Undertaker meant that Bearer was present in some of the most famous and memorable moments of classic WWF. Nostalgia and appreciation for the character developed even deeper when Bearer returned in 2004 as part of Undetaker's "old school" gimmick. Bearer was played by William Moody, a man with a long history in wrestling who had worked in WCW and various territorial rings as a manager, road agent and talent scout. Sadly, he died on March 5th 2013, suffering from breathing difficulties. Vince McMahon, who had worked with Bearer for over two decades, held a tribute show to Bearer on the March 11th Raw. But Vince being Vince, he also got busy to work on taking advantage of the death to further storylines. At the end of the Bearer Tribute Show, CM Punk emerged to mock Bearer's death, supposedly because WWE needed to add heat to his story feud with Undertaker. However, the Taker vs Punk feud already had a ton of heat, and the inclusion of a real persons death in the storyline came off very cheaply. But that was only the start of the exploitation of Paul Bearer's death. On the April 1st Raw, Paul Bearer emerged dressed as Bearer. CM Punk then ran out and attacked The Undertaker, supposedly with the Urn of Paul Bearer's ashes. This then got even more inappropriate when Punk popped the Urn lid off and poured the ashes all over Taker. For good measure, Punk then poured some of the ashes on himself. It was a shocking scene, and showed that nothing is sacred when it comes to WWE storylines. Moody's sons complained to WWE, they had agreed Moody would have approved of being part of an angle, but the WWE of course had taken it way too far.
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