WWE: 10 Most Inappropriate Storylines Ever

9. Pillman's Got A Gun And Says "F**k" On Live Tv Vince McMahon has always been an easy target for parenting groups and television critics as a low class guy who pedals violence and junk to impressionable kids. It has always driven McMahon nuts, he has always aspired to be taken seriously amongst the New York elite and sees himself more along the lines of a Walt Disney in entertainment. McMahon has always retorted that WWE is "family entertainment, which never uses or glorifies guns and drugs like other TV series." McMahon must have forgotten then about the infamous "Pillman's got a gun" episode of Raw, in which McMahon pushed a storyline which is supposedly inappropriate to his own "anti gun" values. What made the angle even more inappropriate was McMahon's scripting of the storyline in a way which completely broke with WWF Tv convention - the whole thing seemed very real, with strong use of swearing (against the USA network rules) and a camera which cut as Brian Pillman fired a handgun at Steve Austin. The incident started out as an interview of Pillman, conducted by Kevin Kelly at Pillman's home. Things got ugly when Steve Austin turned up looking for a fight, and Pillman shockingly produced a gun. The camera cut and Vince McMahon was informed on commentary that a couple of shots had been heard. The cameras restored before the end of Raw, just in time to see Pillman holding a gun in front of Austin, and in time to hear Pillman state he would "kill that son of a b***h" and audibly say "F**K". The feed was lost again and Raw went off the air. It was completely inappropriate for family viewing, and Vince McMahon instantly received a phone call from the disgruntled head of the USA network.
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