WWE: 10 Most Inappropriate Storylines Ever

4. Vince And Stephanie Incest Angle

vince mcmahon Vince McMahon strikes again on this list. In the same year that he gave his daughter away for real in her wedding to Triple H, McMahon was thinking of booking a storyline in which he would have sex with his daughter. Beyond inappropriate, that is just plain creepy to many people. Vince however believed that an incest storyline would be absolutely brilliant, and pitched the idea with gusto. This all came out in the 2006 McMahon DVD. Speaking about her Father, Stephanie revealed his penchant for mad creativity. The Billion Dollar Princess revealed that Vince had approached her with a story that he should be revealed as the Father of her child. Stephanie nixed the idea, leading to Vince suggesting that Shane could fill the role instead. Vince was obviously really keen on the idea. Stephanie turned down that concept too. She goes on to reveal that Vince also wanted to screen her wedding to Triple H live on PPV. Clearly nothing is too far for McMahon when coming to make a buck. But incest was beyond the pale, and it says something that even Stephanie McMahon shot the idea down, considering she is also guilty on occasions of booking god awful storylines. McMahon did kind of eventually get to do an incest storyline, with wrestlers Paul Burchill and Katie Lea Burchill implied to be having it off in a 2008 storyline. The story fizzled out, despite McMahon's wanting to shock people, nobody cared. The Burchills were beyond dull.
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