WWE: 10 Most Inappropriate Storylines Ever

3. Muhammad Hassan Terrorist Angle During London Bombings Few entertainment producers will touch on Islamic terrorism, you just have to look at the response to the Muhammad cartoons controversy a few years back. Nevertheless, the WWE pushed forward with an Islamic terrorist gimmick at the height of the war on terror in the mid 000's, and even went as far to name this character "Muhammad". Looking back, it is hard to imagine how McMahon ever got away with this. However, they have form, famously promoting The Iron Sheik vs Sgt Slaughter and various other racially profiled gimmicks in the 80s. By the 2000's you would have thought that the business would have moved on, but oh no. In truth, Hassan was ok in the ring, and the character certainly got heat. It actually kind of worked. But in true WWE storyline fashion they took it too far. On an episode of Smackdown, taped on July 4th 2005, Hassan came out on the ramp and 'prayed' as Undertaker looked on from the ring. All of a sudden, 5 masked terrorists came out, ran down the ring and battered the Undertaker with clubs and wires. Three days later, hours before the episode was due to air, the london bombings plunged the world into tragic mourning. With no time to edit the terrorist angle out of their broadcast, the WWE ran the show in full in America. In the UK, sky managed to edit it out. The victim of bad timing for sure, in truth, the WWE should never have been running an Islamic terrorist angle. The American network took the unprecedented step of making WWE not feature Hassan on Smackdown again, and at the next PPV the character was written out of WWE storylines after Undertaker presumably killed him with a last ride off the stage. Hassan then retired from wrestling.
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