10 Most Paused Wrestling Moments

Quick, grab the remote!

The advent of Blu-Ray WWE productions and HD WWE Network content has led to more hitting of the 'pause' button than ever before. Finally we can see clearer those insane split second moments in which a superstar botched a spot or a diva slipped a boob out. Let's face it, move botches and wardrobe malfunctions ALWAYS set the internet wrestling community into a frenzy, with instantaneous 'screen captures' immediately popping up on Twitter after televised incidents. So what have the greatest 'must pause' moments been over the last few decades? This latest feature will detail some of the incidents, providing the intriguing visuals along the way. Everything from blood and boobs will feature, small moments that we weren't meant to see, made infamous through the immortality of video and strategic use of your remote's pause button. Now that the WWE Network is here, fans have more freedom than ever to go back through WWE history and relive the moments they couldn't quite believe. With the Network streaming in HQ quality and with such a huge on-demand library available, you should be able to track down at least some of the moments from this list to watch for yourself. See for yourself the split second moments WWE perhaps didn't want you to see, the 10 moments most paused by wrestling fans...
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