WWE: 10 Talking Points - Randy Savage & Stephanie McMahon Affair Rumour

Randy Savage Stephanie Mcmahon The Randy Savage and Stephanie McMahon affair. It is the ultimate pro wrestling urban legend. It is an area of debate which is covered in hushed tones, with few of the big wrestling media outlets ever delving deeply into the rumour. Nevertheless, the story has persisted for twenty years that Randy Savage enjoyed some sort of inappropriate relationship with a young Stephanie McMahon. Smart fans have vague understandings of the story and pro wrestlers themselves question whether it is true or not. No one has ever been able to say truly yes or no either way. What we do know is that Randy Savage left the WWF in 1994 and was never welcomed back. To this very day he is not welcome back, and has never entered the WWE Hall of Fame despite being arguably the second biggest star of 1980's WWF. The 'rumour' goes that in late 1993, a 40 year old Savage became involved with a then 17 year old Stephanie. Savage then left the WWF in October 1994, apparently on good terms with Vince McMahon. By 1996 however, the relationship was hostile. It is thought to be around this period that Vince found out about the Savage and Steph affair. The name 'Randy Savage' was banned from the WWF and the scandal started to be talked about. The fact that this anti-Savage stance still reigns in the WWE today means that the story has never really died down. Here we look at the 10 talking points which dominate the Randy Savage and Stephanie McMahon rumour...
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