WWE: 19 Most Sexual Gimmicks

It's time to go deep into the WWE archives, and gird our loins for some dirty puns and lots of innuendo.

Sex sells! At least, the right brand of sex sells to the right audience. Over the years, WWE has made seemingly-endless attempts to arouse the audience with sexual gimmicks. Some hit the spot and some were flaccid upon entry, but many of them set new limits for what could be shown on network television. For every innocuous pelvic thrust, there was a thong stinkface. For every flirtatious wink, there was a tremendous wanker. And just when you thought the company couldn't find another silicone implant, they introduced Meat. Welcome to the list of fangs and feathers and bow ties and bras. Every imaginable delight €“ and a few nightmarish proclivities €“ are represented in Vince McMahon's parade of sexual gimmicks. Why only 19? Because I want to read YOUR pick for #20 in the Comments section or on twitter @kickyhick! It's time to go deep into the archives, and gird our loins for some dirty puns and lots of innuendo. Note that I've used screen grabs or video clips to set a gritty tone that captures each person in all of his/her alleged sexuality. ARE. YOU. READY.
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