WWE: 19 Most Sexual Gimmicks

18. Balls Mahoney

When your entrance song is "Big Balls" by AC/DC, you've already set the tone for your gimmick. Accordingly, during Mahoney's tenure with Paul Heyman's ECW, fans would chant "Balls!" when he was delivering punches to an opponent, and "Nuts!" when he was on the receiving end of them. He was a hard-core wrestler who always had a steel chair in hand, proving that he wasn't a one-note player relying solely on scrotum jokes (though he did team with Chilly Willy on occasion). Balls played a moderate role in WWE's ECW One Night Stand pay-per-view, brawling with other ECW alumni Tommy Dreamer, Kid Kash, the Sandman, and the Dudley Boyz. He was signed on to the ECW arm of WWE thereafter, and competed in singles action when his partner Axl Rotten failed to show up multiple times. True to form, Mahoney's finishers included The Nutcracker Suite (a version of a scoop slam pile driver) and the Ball Breaker (a version of a spine buster). His brand of sexual gimmickry leaned more on the goofy side, rather than the scintillating, but he was a favourite for his cocky demeanor. Pardon the pun.
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