WWE: 19 Most Sexual Gimmicks

17. Kevin Thorn and Ariel

Before there was the translucent-complexioned angst of Twilight, there was Kevin Thorn and his valet, Ariel. They rocked a vampire-worshipping gimmick that bypassed much of the blood-sucking clich├ęs and went straight for sex-with-fangs. Bathed in fog and red lights, metal music thumping, this goth-inspired duo were anything but subtle. Their entrance was punctuated by several make-out sessions, tongues in full effect. Ariel's corseted costumes did not prevent her from striking spread-eagled poses on the ropes, or making fellatio-implied gestures when removing Thorn's gear. For his part, Kevin Thorn resembled an evil mortician who only escaped being campy by being so darn nasty with his lady. Their promo segments were breathy and hushed, their version of foreplay amongst props like candles, roses, and crystal balls. Perhaps theirs was a fire too hot to be maintained, for the pair parted ways about one year into the relationship. Ariel was released into the wild, and Thorn tried unsuccessfully to adjust his gimmick to something less gothic. Sometimes "sex" and "sexy" aren't one in the same!
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