WWE: 19 Most Sexual Gimmicks

16. Barbara Bush

Also known as BB, Barbara Bush made her dignified debut during the Thanksgiving episode of Smackdown in 1999. It wouldn't be American Thanksgiving without a trio of scantily-clad women spanking each other in a giant pool of gravy. Just in case there weren't enough sexual fantasies covered in that scenario, enter a buxom EMT to perform the Heimlich maneuver on Miss Kitty (research cannot confirm whether Miss Kitty was actually choking on anything other than her swallowed pride). Jacqueline intervened by irrationally ripping the EMT's shirt off, and a star was born. BB participated in such illustrious bouts as an Evening Gown Match, a Swimming Pool Match, a Swimsuit Competition, and a Snow Bunny lumberjill match. She never made it through a segment without removing her shirt (or someone unceremoniously removing it for her), and she will go down in history as the "Home of the Double Whoppers" to Jerry Lawler's "Burger King". If you ever doubted that Vince McMahon thinks "bigger is better", then you clearly missed Barbara Bush's stint in WWE. Even though she was first to the scene at Thanksgiving, she was gone before Valentine's Day. I guess she was intended for Emergency Use Only.
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