WWE: 19 Most Sexual Gimmicks

15. Val Venis

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fVYfjKjICPc Before his debut, Mr. Venis (rhymes with penis!) appeared in a series of promotional videos. In one, he reclines on a movie set and refers to making a film entitled "As Hard As It Gets". With his confident swagger and Jack Nicholson growl, Val Venis looked ready for his close up. His entrance video was a work of hilarious sexual overkill: it included Val coming out of a steamy shower, an oh-so-symbolic screw being drilled into something, a flower blooming, Val wearing a bow tie whilst reclining in a bathtub, wieners being inserted into hot dog buns, a geyser, women caressing Val, more flowers blooming, a garden hose spraying, a locomotive bursting out of a tunnel, and Val looking "satisfied" on multiple occasions. What, he hasn't even come out yet? Val would enter the ring wearing a towel around his waist, to suggest that he had nothing on underneath (despite also wearing his wrestling boots, but hey maybe some people are into that). There was a lot of "Hello Ladies" and thumb-licking and gyrations before the big reveal underneath that towel (Surprise! Wrestling trunks!) If we were lucky, Val had time to grab the mic and make a joke about his Big Valbowski and guess what? Everyone loved it. Val Venis somehow managed to pull off this oversexed hot-to-trot gimmick in a way that won people over.
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