WWE: 6 Bold Reasons John Cena Could Become The Authority's Unified WWE Champion

john-cena-wwe-champion World champion John Cena is heading on a collision course with WWE champion Randy Orton at the company's TLC pay-per-view on December 15. Their match will be to unify the titles in what could go down as one of the most historic matches in WWE history. But while Orton has the full backing of The Authority, John Cena will once again be on his own as always. But what if he wasn't? What if we saw a massive swerve go down at TLC? What if John Cena did the unthinkable? Impossible; that's what most fans are likely saying at this point. But for anyone who has ever followed the product for any amount of time, the old adage holds true; when it comes to WWE, never say never. And that has never been truer than now. So assuming it's possible that Cena could make the turn at TLC, why exactly would he do it? What would cause WWE's primary money earner to decide that the top just isn't enough? Why would the man who claims he will never change actually accept the support of WWE's two top heels in The Authority? For me, there are six very good reasons.
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