WWE: 6 Bold Reasons John Cena Could Become The Authority's Unified WWE Champion

6. John Has Struck A Secret Deal With Triple H

Triple H B It was on the December 2 Raw that the contract signing to unify the belts took place. During that spot, we heard Randy brag on himself, once again fully confident in his ability to win. This was not surprising, of course. The fact is that Orton is a heel and fans fully expected him to be as cocky and arrogant as always. But what was a little surprising was the supportive words aimed in Triple H's direction. And those words came from John Cena. Cena spoke of Hunter's faith in Randy Orton during his days in Evolution. He reminded Orton that The Game chose Orton to be a success in WWE and that Randy has never realized his full potential. He also said he did not blame Hunter for Randy not rising to the occasion, that WWE's Chief Operating Officer gave The Viper Hall of Fame mentors to learn from and he blew it. Now on the face of it, this did not sound all that ominous. But as I listened to John opine on the grand effort that Triple H had made to help Orton in his career, I became more than a little curious. The fact is I was waiting for the other shoe to drop. I was waiting for John to then remind Randy that he had always needed The Game, that Triple H had done nothing but hold his hand. Cena didn't need help from The Cerebral Assassin, not then and not now. I waited for Cena to berate The Authority for protecting Randy and for almost destroying both Daniel Bryan and Big Show's careers. But none of that happened. The moment came and went, the spot broke down and Cena brawled with Orton until the end of the program. So what if Cena was seemingly so commendatory of Triple H because he has earned his respect? What if a phone call has been made, a private meeting held, between the top guy in WWE and its current authority figure? What if the deal has already been made?
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