WWE: 8 Times Wrestling Grappled With Sexuality

8. Chris Kanyon

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yba4L-Ib1fM Darren Young wasn't the first openly gay wrestler. That honor goes to Chris Kanyon, however Kanyon didn't come out until he was no longer an active competitor. Widely regarded as one of the most innovative wrestlers in the major leagues, Kanyon was with WCW from 1995 until the company folded in 2001. He enjoyed a brief stint of success with the WWE following that, but after suffering an injury during the Invasion angle, he never reached the heights that his WCW career had brought him. After returning from injury, he spent the majority of the remainder of his WWE tenure losing matches on Velocity. Soon after he received his release from the company. As typical of most people who leave the WWE, Kanyon did not leave on good terms, only his story was a bit strange. He confusingly began wrestling on the independent circuit as an openly gay wrestler accusing the WWE of releasing him due to his homosexuality. He claimed that this was just a publicity stunt, though later publically came out and announced that he was homosexual. Unfortunately, it turned out that Kanyon had been suffering from bipolar disorder, which couldn't have made his situation any easier. In April 2010, Kanyon took his own life after an overdose of antidepressants. His battle with his demons and his struggle with being "in the closet" is documented in a book he was working on before his death, called "Wrestling Reality." But in the end, Kanyon will hopefully be remembered as an innovator and underutilized talent, rather than his personal life and choices.
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