WWE Adds HUGE Stipulation To SummerSlam Match On SmackDown

The stakes between Roman Reigns and John Cena just got higher before SummerSlam.

Roman Reigns Paul Heyman

Roman Reigns told John Cena that he would leave WWE if he couldn't beat the comeback king (and thus retain his Universal Title) at SummerSlam on this week's SmackDown.

WWE has yet to formally announce that this is an official stipulation for the title match, but it seems likely they will before it actually happens on Saturday night. After hearing what Roman had to say, Cena dodged an incoming Samoan Drop and got the "visual win" over Reigns by rolling him up.

Yep, the dreaded roll-up - otherwise known as WWE's most dangerous move.


Seriously though, this is a fun gimmick the company can play around with come main event time at SummerSlam. It's impossible to envision anything other than a Roman win, and that may be even more true with this stip, but it's still good hype for the Universal Title bout.

Reigns' character was almost goaded into making the announcement when Cena claimed he would strut around with the belt and force Roman to become an afterthought on SmackDown every week. The 'Tribal Chief' said he couldn't stomach that thought and put his career on the line.


Bring this match on.

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