WWE Announces HUGE Matches For Next Week's Raw

SummerSlam implications a-go-go!


WWE has revealed two massive matches for next week's episode of Raw.

The week-long hype (something that's become a bit of a reborn trend in the company) continues with news well ahead of time that Randy Orton will wrestle Kevin Owens next week. Ric Flair is shown on the match graphic too, so it's highly likely that he'll be in Randy's corner for the bout.

KO should be a nice speed bump on Orton's road to that WWE Title showdown with Drew McIntyre at SummerSlam on 23 August.


Fittingly, Raw's other big match has SummerSlam implications. Asuka vs. Bayley has been announced, and Asuka will face Sasha Banks on the upcoming pay-per-view if she wins. No prizes for guessing how that one will shake out.

This is WWE's way of skirting around the "no automatic rematches" gimmick that they previously did away with; as most fans who watch regularly know though, that rule isn't always followed.


Basically, expect Sasha vs. Asuka to be announced for SummerSlam immediately following next week's episode of Raw. There could also be another twist in the story between Orton and McIntyre too.

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