WWE Co-President Michelle Wilson Sells $11 Million Worth Of Stocks

Wilson sold nearly 80% of her WWE shares.

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WWE Co-President Michelle Wilson has surprised many be selling up a large chunk of her WWE stocks.

Courtesy of SEC filing, Wilson actually sold off over two-thirds of her WWE stocks last Thursday. The actual figures show that 158,134 shares of stock were sold last week at an average price of $69.30. That adds up to a whopping $11 million in total.

As part of the filing, it’s listed that Wilson sold the shares for personal reasons.

For Michelle Wilson, she stills owns far more than the required amount of stock needed to be a company officer, and her current total stands at around the 42,000-shares mark, which equates to approximately $2.7 million.

Wilson has been with WWE as far back as 2009, when she initially joined as Executive Vice President of Marketing. Several promotions have followed for Michelle, and one of the most impressive things she’s been directly responsible for is turning WWE’s “big four” PPV events into four-day extravaganzas – as most recently seen only last weekend in Toronto when Saturday gave fans NXT TakeOver, Sunday served up WWE SummerSlam, Monday was WWE Raw, then Tuesday was WWE SmackDown Live.

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