WWE DIDN'T Test Talent During This Week's Tapings?

Dave Meltzer's sources told him tests didn't happen...

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Dave Meltzer wrote in the latest edition of his Wrestling Observer Newsletter that WWE didn't perform tests on talent during this week's marathon TV tapings.

Meltzer claims sources told him that basic temperature readings were carried out, and all staff were asked if they "didn't feel well". Beyond that, he says, the company didn't perform stringent testing.

The Observer chief also added that he personally knows people inside WWE "who were shocked" by the lack of testing, especially given recent findings in UFC and the much-more strict testing AEW has been conducting; UFC carried out routine temperature checks, then found out that four people tested positive.


It's important to mention that Meltzer is naturally going on the word of his sources. Nobody besides those who were actually there can say with 100% certainty whether or not WWE was testing talents and/or staff.

The Observer did note that WWE "hinted on the air" that they'd been carrying out tests on "all talent". According to Meltzer, that didn't happen this past week, and he's not sure why the company would take such a risk.


Stay tuned for more news on this situation when it becomes available.

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