WWE Forced Into Change For Major SmackDown Match

Injuries have forced WWE bosses to change plans before this week's episode of SmackDown.

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Drew McIntyre has been pulled from Friday's planned Undisputed Tag-Team Title match on WWE SmackDown.

The big Scot hasn't been medically cleared for the bout due to injuries, so Butch has been quietly installed as Sheamus' tag partner vs. The Usos instead. Few fans will be too down in the dumps about that, because the artist formerly known as Pete Dunne is still one hell of a worker.

WWE broke this news during Monday's episode of Raw following Jimmy and Jey's successful title defence vs. Matt Riddle and Kevin Owens - KO had been a last-minute replacement for Elias in that match too, but most viewed him as an upgrade.


It might not be totally accurate to describe Butch replacing McIntyre as the same, but it's hardly a major downgrade for the show either (at least in-ring). Hopefully, WWE's writers will still produce Sheamus and Drew vs. The Usos when the time is right.

Nobody realistically expects the brothers to drop their combined Raw/SmackDown straps on free TV anyway. Jimmy and Jey are riding high as part of The Bloodline, and it'd be foolish to take the belts from them right now.

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