WWE Has Big Plans For Next Week's Episode Of Raw

Here's what WWE has lined up for what should theoretically be a big episode of Raw...

WWE Raw logo

WWE, in a very un-WWE move, is already advertising a bunch of content for next week's episode of Raw, which will be the brand's first since the 2021 Draft comes into play.

Though Raw and SmackDown drafted roster picks on 1 and 4 October, the alterations don't become official until this Friday's episode of SD (22 October). Thus, next week's Raw will serve as the former flagship's "Season Premiere."

WWE is yet to officially confirm any matches for the show. They have, however, put considerable effort into advertising the brand's newly-drafted wrestlers, including Becky Lynch, Seth Rollins, the Mysterios, and more.


An appearance from the recently rebranded Keith 'Bearcat' Lee is being hyped. Kevin Owens, who hasn't exactly looked thrilled in recent WWE appearances, will bring back his titular talk show. Seth Rollins will be on the opposite after facing Edge in a Hell In A Cell match in Saudi Arabia, as will Becky Lynch, who may walk in as SmackDown Women's Champion if she defeats Bianca Belair and Sasha Banks in their Triple Threat.

"Card is subject to change" is an eternal disclaimer in WWE, so much of this could change between now and Monday. Still, the above is what's being advertised.

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