WWE Informs Talent It Will NOT Be Providing COVID-19 Vaccine

WWE COVID-19 Update - No Coronavirus Vaccinations To Be Supplied To The Roster.

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With WWE having had plentiful problems with COVID-19 in recent weeks and months, now comes a further update on how the company is handling this ongoing global pandemic.

In a new report from Fightful Select, WWE is said to have recently informed its talent roster that they will not be receiving any COVID-19 vaccine through the company.

This news was broken to talent via WWE’s Talent Relations app, with it outlined that any such COVID-19 vaccination will be the talent’s own individual responsibility.


Fightful adds that several wrestlers were caught off guard a little by this news, for the presumption was that WWE would arrange vaccinations for its talent. For other wrestlers, though, this has come as no real surprise, with the famed ‘individual contractors’ status meaning that WWE isn’t necessarily tied to having to provide a vaccine for its roster.

Additionally, this latest report also mentions how WWE recently had several further people produce positive COVID-19 test results in the immediate aftermath of WWE Champion Drew McIntyre having been forced to quarantine.


On the McIntyre front, the Scottish Psychopath made his in-ring return to action earlier today as part of WWE’s India-driven Superstar Spectacle that will air simultaneously on Indian TV and the WWE Network on Tuesday 26 January.

Full spoilers of WWE Superstar Spectacle can be found here.

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