WWE Legend Says Company 'Hasn't Done Roman Reigns Any Favours'

Who thinks WWE dropped the ball?

WWE Hall Of Famer Kurt Angle thinks the promotion has done Roman Reigns a disservice since day one.

Angle told the 'WINCLY' podcast that it might've been better had the company given Roman some "slow build" rather than pushing him as a clear Vince McMahon pet project as soon as The Shield split in 2014. He believes certain moments, like Reigns' Royal Rumble 2015 win and relentless World Title pushes, hurt his ability to build an organic relationship with fans.



Going from "zero to hero" in a flash turned people against Roman, Kurt added. The constant backdrop of McMahon support also didn't help his cause and made people pre-judge Reigns before he had the chance to wow them with his in-ring matches.

Angle is pretty much spot on here, and it's interesting that someone could see this happening when he himself was part of the WWE system a few years later.


Kurt does believe that turning heel will do wonders for Roman. It already has; being aligned with Paul Heyman and freshening up his presentation has turned Reigns into one of the most compelling characters currently on WWE TV.

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