WWE Make Late 'Fantastic' Offer To Sign Kenny Omega

Are WWE hoovering up the Cleaner?

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Yet more major news in a year, four days old, already crammed full of unreal intrigue, Dave Meltzer has reported on the most recent Wrestling Observer Radio that WWE has, in a last-ditch overture, made Kenny Omega a "fantastic offer".

We can infer that "fantastic" really does mean fantastic; both Cody and the Young Bucks - a tag team! - were last year offered deals north of seven figures, which they of course turned down in order to form All Elite Wrestling. Omega, the biggest star in the Elite, would surely command something even more eye-watering than that - for what he can bring to the table (******* matches, an in-built level of huge popularity) and, more pointedly, what he can deny to AEW, the biggest, most well-financed threat to WWE's total market dominance of nearly two decades.

"Fantastic," we can editorialise further, may not be limited to mere financials: a performer who prides himself on creativity would surely resist any deal that precludes him from some level of control. Described by Meltzer as the "wild card" in all of this, Omega actually holds all of the cards.


On the same broadcast, Meltzer confirms that officials from AEW, Ring Of Honor, and New Japan Pro Wrestling are set to meet following Wrestle Kingdom 13, presumably to discuss a partnership of sorts.

Historically, these things have never worked out - just look at near-antecedent USWA for proof of that - but NJPW and ROH have coexisted peacefully for years, so there really could be something in all of this - perhaps even an alliance masquerading as a worked war. We're getting very ahead of ourselves there, but such developments inspire such creativity within the fandom.


But what about Kenny Omega's sense of imagination?

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