WWE Promise "Consequences" On Friday's SmackDown

Jey Uso, meet 'Tribal Chief'. 'Chief', Jey Uso...

WWE are promoting Roman Reigns' much-touted "consequences" for Jey and Jimmy Uso as the main selling point for this Friday's episode of SmackDown.

The Universal Champ promised that there would be fallout from Hell In A Cell either way; if Jey said 'I Quit', then he'd deal with his cowardice on the following episode of TV. If Uso somehow beat him to become the new titleholder, then Reigns said there'd be far-reaching ramifications for the Anoa'i clan anyway.

This watertight family drama continues.


Paul Heyman also noted that Jey would effectively become an "indentured servant" to his 'Tribal Chief' if he lost on the pay-per-view. That's what happened, so that's what fans tuning in on FOX should expect to see play out.

WWE are describing Roman's consequences as "extremely serious". It's likely both Jey and Jimmy will be forced to show deference to Reigns on Friday - don't forget that both Afa and Sika showed up at HIAC to lend support for the Universal Champion.


Fingers crossed the company do this excellent and compelling story justice yet again. They've nailed every story beat thus far.

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