WWE Raw Viewership Falls Despite Brock Lesnar Appearance

'The Beast Incarnate' couldn't help Raw to ratings success this week.

Brock Lesnar

This week's episode of WWE Raw averaged 2.385 million viewers across its three hours - a 2% decline on the previous week's 2.439 million.

The first hour (featuring WWE Champion Brock Lesnar) was actually up on the last show of 2019, pulling an audience of 2.550 million compared to 2.525 million, while the second and third hours fell to 2.409 million and 2.195 million respectively.

A truer reflection of how Lesnar's appearance impacted ratings will come when the quarter-hour breakdowns emerge later this week, though fans may have expected a bigger bump for the WWE Champions pre-advertised appearance. We do know, however, that the show opened with 2.72 million people watching and closed with 2.19 million (Figure Four Online).

The good news is that Raw was the top-rated cable show as far as the key 18-49 demographic goes. WWE's rating of 0.74 saw them ranked number one for the first time since their post-SummerSlam episode, thanks, in part, to the lack of competition from MLB, the NFL, or college football.

Raw's numbers made it the seventh most-watched cable show of the night. Its overall number was just under the 2019 average of 2.418 million.

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