WWE SmackDown Ends With Chainsaws?!

Yes, chainsaws.

Last night's episode of WWE SmackDown ended with the mysterious Retribution faction taking over, spray-painting the plexiglass around ringside and then cutting sh*t up with chainsaws.

Chain. Saws.

The new unit didn't unveil their identities, but they've clearly been watching their Nexus vids on YouTube, because this segment had an air of Wade Barrett and the boys about it. That's not necessarily a bad thing, but long-term fans are bound to make those comparisons.


This, admittedly, was a bit more meaningful than tampering with the lights at the Performance Center or firebombing things outside the place.

After wrecking the joint and kicking lumps out of the "live crowd", Retribution stood inside the SmackDown ring and yelled things like, "This is our ring now" and "Who else?!". Then, one of the members brandished a chainsaw and cut through the ring ropes.


The group's motivations remain a mystery, but it shouldn't be too long until fans find out who's behind this takeover. Like any other major reveal, it is true that WWE will have to book some good follow up on these early moments.

Otherwise, the story will fizzle out.

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