WWE's Charlotte Flair Names The "J.J Dillon" Of The Four Horsewomen

Who would Charlotte pick as the Horsewomen's manager if she had to?


Whilst answering fan questions on Cameo, Charlotte Flair revealed who'd she personally pick as a manager for WWE's 'Four Horsewomen' if she had to.

The fan wanted to know who Flair thinks could be a great female version of iconic Four Horsemen manager J.J Dillon. Charlotte revealed that perhaps Alexa Bliss could fill that role and help represent Becky Lynch, Sasha Banks, Bayley and herself.

Flair noted that Alexa has "a mouth on her" and would make a perfect J.J.


The likelihood of a long-rumoured Horsewomen alliance on screen in WWE drops with every passing year. Right now, only Sasha and Bayley are active in the company - Charlotte has taken some much-needed time off to get surgery and pursue other projects, and Becky is currently on maternity leave.

One fan hopes that a Dillon-esque figure could bring the quartet back together and convince their employers to book some Four Horsewomen goodness. If that was ever possible, then Charlotte believes Bliss' microphone skills would make her ideal.


The banter might need to be a little less contrived than those 'Moment Of Bliss' talk show segments though.

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