WWE's Seth Rollins Was Fired TWICE By The YMCA

It wasn't fun to stay at the YMCA for Seth - it was impossible...

WWE star Seth Rollins told Corey Graves on his 'After The Bell' podcast that he's been fired twice by the YMCA.

Both firings happened when Seth was between 18-21 years old and training to become a pro wrestler. The travel he'd do for training (and eventually shows) got in the way of his work and caused the future World Champ to fall asleep one day in the break room after driving back from a booking in Cleveland.

His boss wasn't happy and showed Rollins the door when he caught him napping. Then, after being rehired, Seth was sacked again, albeit this time for something totally different.


One day, he was chatting away to a female friend when she was working out on the treadmill. She lost her balance, fell to the ground and Seth, who made sure his pal was alright first, couldn't stop himself from laughing. That was deemed unprofessional by the higher-ups, and he was let go for a second time.

Rollins defended himself by saying, "What am I going to do? It's hilarious when someone falls on a treadmill". Millions of views for videos of such accidents on YouTube say he's right.

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