WWE's Vince McMahon: "Anyone Who Wants Time Off Can Get Time Off."

Boss defends schedule.

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Speaking in a recent interview with Variety, Vince McMahon responded to Tonight host John Oliver's criticism of the company's lack of off-season, telling the magazine that talent can get time off whenever it is necessary.

"Anybody who wants time off can get time off. That’s easy,” McMahon said. “It’s easy to weave a talent in and out of a storyline. If they get injured, you’re not expecting that. Or if they have a family matter. Our characters are real people with real problems. It’s a revolving situation where this talent will work these dates, that talent will work those dates."

Specifically, WWE's Chairman was aiming to demystify the belief that talent would face repercussions if they stepped away from the ring for a period of time.

Certainly, there are no professional reprimands for WWE employees seeking leave. Historically, performers within the industry have often worked through injuries with little regard for their future health out of fear over losing their spot. Paul Orndorff famously refused to take time off after injuring his arm in 1987, not wishing to scupper his big money run opposite Hulk Hogan. At the time, Vince's WWF only offered 'opportunities' - not contracts. Years later, Mr. Wonderful's damaged limb atrophied in response to the punishment.

According to McMahon, the mentality has changed. That didn't stop Nia Jax working through two ACL tears this past year, however.

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