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What Is WhatCulture Extra?

WhatCulture Extra is exactly as the name suggests; Extra! We're still committed to bringing the same level of quality content to all of our audience, but we're also adding a host of amazing new features that will be exclusive to members. For $6.99 you'll get access to brand new shows, early releases, and a completely ad free experience.

How much does it cost?

$ 6.99
Per Month
$ 69.99
Per Year

What do you get?

  • Every episode of WCPW Loaded, in full, and on-demand
  • Watch every WCPW iPPV (including True Destiny) live or on-demand
  • Exclusive new list videos from the WhatCulture WWE team
  • Exclusive new How WWE Should Have Booked videos
  • Exclusive new How WWE Should Book videos
  • Brand new episodes of Adam's Pipebomb
  • Full and uncensored recordings from WCPW's explosive Q&A tours
  • Exclusive documentaries, including Jim Cornette In The UK and Pinfall starring WCPW's Adam Pacitti
  • Exclusive live streams of WWE Raw and WWE Smackdown Live with the WhatCulture WWE team every single week
  • The ability to browse WhatCulture.com completely ad free and read every article as a single page.


Who Can Subscribe To What Culture Extra?

Anybody. WhatCulture Extra Is Available Worldwide.

How Often Will I Be Billed?

Billing is either monthly with our $6.99 plan, or annually with our $69.99 plan.

How Long Am I Committed To Subscribing For?

Both of our plans are rolling, so there's no long-term commitment. Just be sure to unsubscribe before the beginning of the next payment date to avoid being charged.

What Website Benefits Are Included?

Extra subscribers will be able to browse the entire WhatCulture.com website completely ad free, and view all articles as a single page without having to click through.

Are WCPW iPPVs Included In The Price?

Yes. Every single WCPW iPPV is available free to members.

When And How Do Subscribers Get WCPW?

A full 24 hours before it's broadcast on YouTube, the episodes will be available full and uninterrupted in Extra.

Can I Watch Old WhatCulture Videos And WCPW Episodes Through Extra?

Yes, and as an Extra subscriber you'll be able to do so completely ad-free.

How can I watch?

You can enjoy WhatCulture Extra both via your computer and on the go using your mobile device. In order to enjoy content in the highest-quality, you'll need a connection speed in excess of 10mbps.

What Shows Are Being Taken Away From The Free Channel?

Absolutely none. We're committed to maintaining the same quantity and quality of the shows on the existing YouTube channels.

Why isn't all of this just available for free on YouTube?

We'll still be publishing just as much great content on YouTube. With WhatCulture Extra, we're simply adding lots of brand-new features and videos that will be exclusive to members. Your subscriptions allow us to invest even more back into producing great content; whether it's on YouTube or Extra.

How much exclusive content is there?

Every week you'll have access to at least 5 exclusive videos. This may include live streams, top ten lists or other great content.

Can I cancel at any time?

If you decide WhatCulture Extra isn’t for you, no problem. There’s no commitment on our monthly plan, and you can cancel online at any time. Your access will then be limited at the end of your billing period.

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