WhatCulture.com Jobs - Video Presenters And Voice-Over Artist WANTED

Here at WhatCulture we have, over the past year, grown our YouTube presence from an extension of the website, to one of the most important elements of what we do. Our audience is well into the millions, with over 800,000 subscribers across our WWE, Gaming, Film and TV channels, and now we€™re on the hunt for Video Presenters and Voice-Over Artists to take it even further.

Personal Checklist.

Confidence in both yourself and your ability - Not just because shrinking violets make for terrible videos, but because you may be faced with shoots in public situations or busy studios.

Uniqueness - We want characters and people that stand out. It€™s been the distinctive charm of our current presenters that has helped set the channel apart, and that€™s something we€™re keen to build on.

Some experience of web-based media - Understanding the intricacies of digital presenting will stand you in good stead.

A working knowledge of audio/video editing software - Or, at the very least, a strong desire to learn about it. We primary use Adobe Audition here.

A lot of ideas ideas - Our channels currently run regular and original programming, and we€™re hoping to add a number of new shows and concepts in the near future.

Be open to collaboration - Be it with established or up-and-coming video personalities.

As with any job, being well organised is vital, and with being involved in an extension of our existing website a good writing style is also important. You€™ll occasionally be tasked with restructuring some of our existing written content into an audio or video package, so understanding what will and won€™t translate from the page (and how to put it in your own style) is key.

If you're unfamiliar, here's some examples of what we do.

To Apply:

Send an up-to-date CV and a covering letter to editor@whatculture.com. Your application should also include links to any relevant and recent presenting/voice-over experience, or your personal showreel.