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Superman & Lois To Start Filming In March 2020

Once Crisis on Infinite Earths is out of the way, it's all eyes on Clark and Lois.
By Andrew Pollard

Rick & Morty Or Futurama Quiz: Who Was It, Morty Or Fry?

How well do you really know Philip J. Fry and Morty Smith?
By Sarah Myatt

Justice League: The Real Story Of The Snyder Cut

Release The Snyder Cut.
By Simon Gallagher

8 Embarrassing Video Game TV Adaptations You Won't Believe Got Made

Donkey Wrong Country.
By Jules Gill

10 TERRIBLE Levels That Stopped You Replaying Great Video Games

No classic is safe from the odd gigantic misstep into a ditch full of escort quests.
By Joe Johnston

Friends Quiz: Can You Name The Episode From ONE Image?

Could you BE anymore of a Friends fan?
By Stacey Henley

5 Must-Read Comics For Wrestling Fans

Are you a mark for Finn Bálor and Spider-Man? If you answered yes, these are the comics for you.…
By Kody Schmitt

Friends Or That 70’s Show Quiz: Who Said It - Phoebe Buffay Or Jackie Burkhart? Community

Can you conquer this true battle of wits... I mean, ditz...
By Dylan Rush Submit Your Content

8 Underrated Albums From Your Favorite Artists

Great Bands/Great Songs/Overlooked albums.
By Tim Coffman

10 Fighters Who Were Banished From UFC

Don't expect to see this lot in an Octagon any time soon.
By Gareth Morgan

10 Stan Lee Facts For His True Believers

Marvel at the life of comic titan and the co-creator of Spider-Man, Stan Lee!
By James Egan

10 Movie Characters Who Were Perfectly Cast (The Third Time)

Third time's the charm.
By Jack Pooley

Parasite: 10 Reasons To Watch This Genre-Bending Dark Comedy Thriller

The most intense movie about stairs you'll ever watch.
By Motzie Dapul

Rey Mysterio Could Leave WWE Before WrestleMania 36

Big update on the WWE Championship contender's contract status.
By Andrew Murray

25 Most Revealing WWE Instagram Posts Of The Week (Nov 17th) gallery

Spinal screws, bloody noses and new bling...
By Simon Gallagher

Friends Quiz: Who Was It - Joey Or Phoebe?

Which fan favourite was it?
By Kurt Howes

The Best TV Series Of The Decade (That You Didn't Watch)

There's so much more to life than Game Of Thrones and Breaking Bad, you know.
By Joe Johnston

15 PERFECT Scenes In Otherwise Disappointing Movies Community

At least Jurassic Park 2 wasn't ALL bad...
By Robin Baxter Submit Your Content

Star Wars Episode III: Revenge Of The Sith - True Or False?

How much can you remember about Anakin's descent to the dark side?
By Jacob Wilkins

10 Celebs Who Survived Shocking Assassination Attempts

These celebrities all survived shocking attempts on their lives, some even by their own fans.
By Isobel Pankhurst

Shang-Chi: 8 Characters Who Should Appear

Which familiar faces should play a part in Shang-Chi's big screen debut?
By Geoff Cox

10 Original Endings That Would Have Ruined Famous Movies

This is why you don't stop at the first draft.
By Jacob Trowbridge

10 Reasons Tony Hawk's Pro Skater Soundtrack Was More Influential Than The Beatles

Fit that yellow submarine with a half-pipe if you want to stay relevant, boomer.
By David Bowles

The Office Quiz: How Well Do You Remember 'Dwight Christmas'? Community

Move over Santa Clause. This Christmas belongs to Dwight Schrute.
By Ajay Bagga Submit Your Content

20 Most Powerful Video Game Weapons Ever

The most powerful weapons in the history of gaming - ranked.
By John Tibbetts

10 Iconic Animated Series To Stream On Disney+

With Disney+ beginning its roll out, there are decisions to be made about where to start streaming.…
By Ian Goodwillie

10 Best Movies Named After Popular Songs

Nice title, how about we borrow it?
By Jack Kingston

You Won’t Get 100% On This Billie Joe Armstrong Quiz! Community

Are you a Green Day superfan? Test your knowledge on the California punk.
By Alexander Greensmith Submit Your Content

10 Most Horrific Wrestling Injuries

Don’t try this at home.
By Jack Cunningham

Is Google Stadia The Future Of Gaming? Community

Can cloud gaming services change the world?
By Shaun Carter Submit Your Content