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10 Critically Acclaimed Video Games That Players Hated

Critics and players rarely see eye to eye, and these games prove it.
By Josh Brown

Avengers: Infinity War - How Spider-Man Perfectly Foreshadowed Thanos' Danger In Civil War

"...And that makes you dangerous."
By Simon Gallagher

MCU: 12 Things You Learn Rewatching Thor: The Dark World

Yes, it's still a mess.
By Jack Pooley

25 Most Revealing WWE Instagram Posts Of The Week (April 22nd)

Braids, beaches and Bruno tributes...
By Simon Gallagher

11 Things You Learn Rewatching Thunderball

So. Much. Water.
By Jack Pooley

MCU: 10 Things You Learn Rewatching Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Yes, it's still the best Marvel movie.
By Ewan Paterson

God Of War Secretly Teases FOUR Potential Sequels We Want Right Now

This journey is just beginning.
By Scott Tailford

God Of War: What Does The Ending Really Mean?

Somebody is bound by glorious purpose.
By Scott Tailford

9 Secret Video Game Bosses You Need To Beat Before You Die

Is The Nameless King tougher than Ornstein and Smough?
By Josh Brown

Avengers: Infinity War - Every Character Ranked By How Likely They Are To Die

Everything you wanted to know about Thanos (but were afraid to ask)...
By Simon Gallagher

20 Best Hard Rock & Heavy Metal Albums Of 2018 (So Far)

The extreme juggernauts that have defined the early months of 2018.
By Matt Mills

10 Essential Marvel Teams Not Yet Used In The Movies

Assemble the A-Teams! No, not the Avengers. Not all of them, anyway.
By Motzie Dapul

MCU: 10 Things You Learn Rewatching Iron Man 3

Is the Mandarin twist REALLY that bad?
By Ewan Paterson

Westworld Season 2: 10 Crucial Things That MUST Happen

Beyond the maze...
By Connor J. Smith

10 Powerful Video Game Moments That Gave You The Chills

"It looks like they were cut by... some type of blade."
By Scott Tailford

10 TV Plot Threads That Were Never Resolved

It's a shame their superpowers weren't remembering.
By WhatCulture

20 Most Intense Movie Performances Of All Time

Never knowingly understated...
By Simon Gallagher

Avengers: Infinity War - 14 Plot Hints You Might Have Missed

Thanos does WHAT?
By Jack Pooley

God Of War PS4: 10 Tips & Tricks The Game Doesn't Tell You

Let's get the most out of this magnificent game.
By Scott Tailford

Avengers: Infinity War - 8 Compelling Hints Captain America Will Die (& 3 He Won't)

Dead, white, and blue.
By James Hunt

8 More Secret Game Over Screens That Were Total Genius

Jump inside Mr. Slave or let the world explode? You know what to do.
By Josh Brown

10 Incredible Stories Of Wrestlers' Dedication To Their Character

When "protecting the business" goes too far...
By Andrew Murray

15 Infamous Movie Plot Holes (That Actually Aren't)

Those who paid attention will know the truth.
By Jack Pooley

MCU: 12 Things You Learn Rewatching Captain America: The First Avenger

One of the MCU's most underrated movies.
By Jack Pooley

5 Misconceptions People Who Have Never Been To Walt Disney World Have

I'm sorry but you can't get a Butterbeer here.
By Jen Gallie

Avengers: Infinity War - 11 Questions We Still Have

Will Thanos snap his fingers?
By Jack Pooley

10 Awesome Versions Of Movie Sequels We All Wanted

Fate had other plans for these aborted follow-ups.
By Ben Bussey

Yakuza: Every Game Ranked From Worst To Best

Where does Yakuza 6 stand in this beloved series?
By Thor Magnusson

God Of War PS4 Review: 8 Ups & 1 MINOR Down

Absolutely essential to gamers new and old.
By Scott Tailford

Deadpool 2 Final Trailer Reactions: 8 Ups & 2 Downs

DC gets wrecked (again).
By Jack Pooley