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The internet's a fun place, and coincidentally so is WhatCulture.com.

In 2006 we started publishing articles under the banner of Obsessed With Film, aiming to be a news destination and conversation hub about all things Hollywood.

Since then we've grown to cover TV, Gaming, Music, History, Science, Technology, Comics, Sport, and Literature, and become the biggest unofficial Wrestling website in the world. Our monthly audience has now surpassed the 10 million mark, and we're reaching them through videos, podcasts, books and magazines.

WhatCulture has grown into one of the busiest entertainment based websites of its kind for high-quality and informative content from expert contributors across all our different genres, topics and mediums. Several hundred articles are posted every single week from our contributors, some of which you will see from time to time on Sky News, Metro Radio, BBC Radio, Dublin FM and in the national newspapers.

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