Meet the Team

Peter Willis


Peter co-founded WhatCulture back in 2006, looking after the murky behind the scenes depths of advertising, hosting and development. If you’ve ever liked a font you’ve seen on the site, he definitely spent three weeks choosing it.

Matt Holmes


Matt co-founded WhatCulture in its earlier form - as film blog - as a direct response to Superman Lives being terrible in 2006. Since then, the Editor-in-chief has overseen major expansions and development, including his brainchild, the WWE section.


Simon Gallagher

Executive Editor

Having been with the site since 2008, Simon now works across all our sections as Executive Editor and is WhatCulture's most read writer. Whilst the length has come into question in recent months, he can still claim the title of WhatCulture's Most Consistent Beard. He can also be found tightly clutching his trophies for User Of Longest Words, Bestest Grammar, and Least Helpful At Writing Bios.

Scott Tailford

Games Editor

Scott has been WhatCulture's Games Editor since 2014, and in that time he's kindled a few bonfires, been yelled at by his genetically identical twin and thwarted an evil tyrant’s reign with a shovel. It’s been said that no one truly understands the entire Metal Gear Solid universe, but he laughs long and hard into the face of such detractors. Nanomachines, son.

Adam Clery

Managing Editor

Adam arrived at WhatCulture with a murky history of publishing magazines, running websites, and lecturing his supposed wisdom to the region's university students. He's now tireless in his efforts to make the site's every article Pulitzer-worthy, and answer the incorrectly addressed emails of our website's more popular Adams. Results, to both, have been mixed.

Jack G King

Video/Content Producer

Jack is an English Literature graduate and about 80% of the reason the site is the subject of fan fiction. Most notable for his bona-fide WrestleMania Moment™ on our YouTube channel, he spends his days toiling away on the site's WWE section, presenting his own weekly video roundup, and very kindly humouring our Twitter followers.

Ross Tweddell

Video/Content Producer

A Sports Journalism graduate who holds the honour of taking Roy Hodsgon's first ever selfie, Ross is perhaps hard to recognise without his crown. Yes! That's where you know him from! WhatCulture (and the world's) resident King of WTF, Ross works across every facet of the site's blossoming Wrestling coverage.

Adam Blampied

Video/Content Producer

As well as being the catalyst for the growth of our video wing in 2015, with his now infamous How WWE Should Have Booked series, Adam Blampied is a man of considerable dramatic pedigree. He trained at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art, has been on the capital's comedy circuit since 2008, and in what little spare time we afford him is part of sketch group The Beta Males.

James Hunt

TV Editor

James is an NCTJ-qualified journalist which, though impressive, wilts in comparison to how good his Instagram game is. He has a passion for fantasy dramas, but not in a weird way, and his fondness for peanut butter is matched only by his appreciation of this “golden age of TV” he keeps telling us we're living in.

Stevie Shephard

Science Editor

Not so very long ago, WhatCulture didn't have a dedicated Science section, so you could sort of say that Stevie invented it herself. Her love of the field started at a young age when she first began cutting up frogs in school. Sadly it was in a maths class, but after her suspension was lifted she's never looked back. Yes, it's usually a boy's name, how very observant of you, so glad we've had this talk.

Adam Pacitti

Video/Content Producer

Regular visitors to the real-world will already be familiar with Adam Pacitti, being the man behind the famous campaign in 2012. Spoiler alert: we did! He's since put his immeasurable talents to work across both our website and our YouTube channel, with his cardboard likeness a more popular figure than any human currently on our books.

Kenny McIntosh

Video/Content Producer

Kenny likes wrestling so much, than he once joined a choir on the condition that his mother would take him to a UK PPV if he did. Not only did she take him to the next four, he ended up on Songs of Praise in the process. Thankfully his love of gospel wasn't an avenue that interested him professionally and he's now our resident podcast host and on-screen interviewer.

James Dixon

Head of Publishing

James Dixon studied Journalism at university and then decided to be a pro wrestler for a decade. What? Like your life choices were any better? He's since turned his love of both industries to promotion and publishing; with over twenty books bearing his name along their spines. He's now putting his skills to use for WhatCulture. The publishing, not the wrestling.

Benjamin Richardson

Content Producer

Benjamin A. Richardson was born in 1987 and is still not dead. The transportive power of games led him to a Games Design degree, but the transportive power of words encouraged his passion for writing. A keen admirer of Dostoyevsky, Murakami, and other pretentious literatists, Benjamin employs his love for language to write for WhatCulture. He also speaks French. C’est le top!'

Jen Gallie

Content Producer

Jen is WhatCulture's resident expert on both the world of Disney, and the fantastical output of Universal Studios. On a recent visit to Los Angeles, she was forced to break up a bar fight between [name redacted for legal reasons] and [name redacted for legal reasons] from HBO's Game of Thrones.

Audio / Video

Sam Driver

Senior Video Editor

Without putting too fine a point on it, if you like our YouTube channels then you actually like Sam Driver. Address all future praise accordingly. Hitting up film sets from the tender age of 14, Sam fell into the world of editing before winning an actual RTS award and becoming a genuine wonder of the free world - being the first human to be successfully powered by coffee alone.

Peter Austin

Video Editor

Peter Austin initially joined WhatCulture as an occasional contributor to our Film, Gaming and Science sections, but made the mistake of telling us that he'd been making videos in his bedroom for over a decade. Since then he's been a vital member of our YouTube team and routinely sets the standard for smart-casual wear in the office.

Kris Thompson

Video Editor

Sometime in 2004, Kris decided to edit a video for a laugh. Well, the joke was on him it seems because now he has to come to WhatCulture and do it every single day. All that's really changed in that time is that now he exports to YouTube instead of a VHS. Yes, an actual VHS, that's how long he's been honing his craft.


Laura Holmes

Executive Assistant

In 1972, a crack Executive Assistant was sent to prison by a military court for a crime she didn't commit. She promptly escaped from a maximum security stockade to the Newcastle underground. Today, still wanted by the government, she survives as a soldier of fortune. If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find her, maybe you can hire... Laura Holmes.

Dan Powell

Head of Ad Ops

Dan is WhatCulture's head of Ad Ops, which is just a millennial way of saying Sales. When he's not arguing with multinational brands about what colour their mastheads should be, he's lying through his teeth about the copy of Will Smith's seminal 1997 album Big Willie Style that he keeps in his car at all times.