10 Ways Warner Bros. Should've Made The DCEU

We could've done without the big crossover as the first sequel.

Warner Bros.

Whatever your opinion of the DCEU, it's fair to say that Warner Bros. big cinematic universe hasn't panned out quite the way we all hoped it would.

Right from the very get-go, it was clear that their attempts to ape Marvel's dynamite venture (which turns ten next year, incidentally), weren't going to go according to plan. The ever divisive Zack Snyder was tapped to lay the foundations of the studio's big multi-year, multi-project release slate, and while Man of Steel certainly illustrated some signs of promise, it was clear that this wasn't going to be a universe every fan could get behind.

And that's not to say that the MCU isn't without its detractors - quite the opposite. The point is that each and every DCEU production - barring Patty Jenkins' Wonder Woman - has been greeted by a toxic gaggle of 'fan vs critic' discourse. That's an awful legacy to leave behind, and one made worse by WB's talents using it as a means of deflecting genuine criticism; "it's for the fans" has become a rallying cry for lacklustre comic book adaptations ever since.

Undoubtedly the most frustrating thing about the DCEU, however, is the fact that there were other, more obvious routes WB could've taken. We could've had an intricate, layered and, more importantly, enjoyable universe to invest in (sans Jared Leto). How should they've gone about it? We've got a few ideas.