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10 Awful Versions Of Iconic Video Games You Didn't Know Existed

Great games... not how you remember them.
By Psy White

10 Most Haunting Video Game Collectibles

Severed heads, haunted dolls and chilling recordings.
By James Metcalfe

10 Forgotten Nintendo 64 Gems You Need To Play In 2022

It's time to wipe the dust off (or buy a new one for HELLA cheap).
By Tanner Fox

FIFA 23 Review: 8 Ups & 6 Downs

All the good and bad from EA's final FIFA game. Does it bow out gracefully?
By Jamie Kennedy

8 Video Game Moments That Made You Go....WHAT?!

Unbelievable, Unconceivable Moments In Video Games.
By Jules Gill

10 Video Game Boss Battles Who Tricked You Into Thinking You'd Won

It's not over yet.
By Jack Pooley

10 Hardest Video Game Genres To Make (From A Game Developer)

Don't start here if you want any hair left by thirty.
By Tommy Millar

10 Secret Video Game Endings Hiding In Plain Sight

Did you see the best of Detroit: Become Human?
By Michael Fincher

10 Video Game Developer Roles You Didn't Know Exist

When I grow up, I want to be a Cloth Effects Artist!
By Tommy Millar

10 Video Game Origins You Never Knew

Kratos has Edward Norton to thank.
By Jack Pooley

10 Video Game Entries That Drastically Changed The Formula

Resident Evil was never the same again.
By Jess McDonell

10 Seriously Twisted Quests In Video Games

Cyberpunk 2077 GOES places.
By Jess McDonell

Mortal Kombat 30th Anniversary: 10 Greatest Story Moments Ever

Scorpion and Sub Zero teaming up was a LONG time coming.
By Paolo Carlos

10 Obscure Video Game Secrets That Took Years To Discover

Resident Evil 4 is even better than you think.
By Adam Hogg

10 Biggest Problems With Nintendo Switch

How is Joycon drift STILL an issue??
By James Egan

10 Video Games That Were Cancelled Despite Being Almost Finished

Seriously, give us Scalebound.
By Andy Murray

10 Overpowered Weapons That BROKE RPGs

The best weapons to make mincemeat of any character build.
By James Metcalfe

10 Most Ludicrous Video Game Urban Myths You Actually Believed

The DOOM Slayer is Link, okay?
By Jess McDonell

10 Dark Souls Characters That Were In Multiple Video Games

Which characters in Dark Souls made you want to ask: "Have we met before?"
By Matthew Macleod

GTA 6: 10 CONFIRMED Gameplay Details

The biggest leak in video game history got us SALIVATING.
By Psy White

8 Video Game Achievements You Cheated To Unlock

Nobody likes a cheater, but we've all done it.
By Jules Gill

8 Upcoming Video Games You Are NOT Ready For

By Jules Gill

8 Video Games That Wasted Genius Ideas

They shot for the moon, but ultimately misfired.
By Joe Johnston

10 Video Games Gamers Will Never Agree On

Disagreeing before we've even started playing.
By Alfie Seymour

8 Video Game Characters Hiding Terrible Secrets

Skeletons In The Closet Doesn't Even Cut It.
By Jules Gill

10 BONE-BREAKING Video Game Moves That Made You Wince

Yup, Kratos in Mortal Kombat was EXACTLY what we expected.
By James Egan

10 Video Games Where You Can Destroy EVERYTHING

Some games just want to watch the world burn.
By John Tibbetts

8 Video Games That Changed Due To Fan Feedback

Sometimes developers respond to good ideas as much as they do to controversy.
By Josh Brown

10 Hauntingly Dark Secrets In RPGs

If you go down to the woods today...
By Jess McDonell

10 Best Video Games Set In A Single Night

All fun, no sun.
By Richard C Shaffer

10 Hilarious But Utterly Game Breaking Glitches

Looking at glitches so ridiculous, they actually stopped the game dead.
By James Egan

8 Fake Game Over Screens You Must See

Death is not the end, my friend.
By Jules Gill

10 Most Value For Money RPGs In Gaming

More bang for your coin.
By WhatCulture Gaming

10 Video Games That Are Far Creepier Than They Look

By WhatCulture Gaming

10 Best Hidden Gem RPGs Of The Last 10 Years

Greedfall deserves your attention.
By WhatCulture Gaming

10 Best DLC Packs Of The Last 15 Years

Nobody does DLC like CD Projekt RED.
By WhatCulture Gaming

10 Upcoming Video Games In HUGE Trouble

The Knights of the Old Republic remake is on FIRE.
By WhatCulture Gaming

Google Stadia's Death Is Crazier Than You Think

Has any company ever backed out of something this hard?
By WhatCulture Gaming

10 Video Games You Regretted Playing

Saints Row sold well...
By WhatCulture Gaming

8 Video Games Where The Best Ending Is IMPOSSIBLE

Even with a guide...
By WhatCulture Gaming

Why EVERYONE Is Pissed At Overwatch 2

Voice chat recording, mandatory phone numbers and...
By WhatCulture Gaming

New Dead Space Gameplay Leak Looks INSANE

Our bodies are ready.
By WhatCulture Gaming

10 Best No.3's In Gaming History

The Witcher's trajectory is unmatched.
By WhatCulture Gaming

10 Video Games That Punish You For Being Smart

👽 Thanks To THQ Nordic and Destroy All Humans!
By WhatCulture Gaming

10 Video Game Villains You Hated Killing

They were just trying to survive.
By WhatCulture Gaming

7 Overpowered Video Game Spells (That Totally SUCK!)

Welcome to Tues Your Own Adventure!
By WhatCulture Gaming

Disney's Star Wars Game Plan Is Already Broken

A new game...
By WhatCulture Gaming

Last Of Us HBO Is Already The Best Video Game Adaptation Ever

The cast, the accuracy, the production.
By WhatCulture Gaming

10 EXACT Moments That Made Great Video Games Even Better

The Blood Baron quest though.
By WhatCulture Gaming

10 Hated Video Games That Got REALLY Good

Assassin's Creed Unity is way better than you think.
By WhatCulture Gaming

We Were NOT Ready For Street Fighter 6 (Hands-On)

The king wants their crown back.
By WhatCulture Gaming

Sonic Frontiers Is Actually GREAT (Hands-On)

All the ingredients are here for a GREAT Sonic game.
By WhatCulture Gaming

8 Scrapped Endings That Almost Ruined Great Video Games

The Last of Us' original ending was COMPLETELY different.
By WhatCulture Gaming

10 Levels That Made You Rage Quit Awesome Video Games

Midnight Fight Express sure knows how to get in its own way.
By WhatCulture Gaming

10 Times Final Fantasy Pissed Off The Fans

We'll remaster the best instalment...
By WhatCulture Gaming

Skyrim: 10 Subtle Details EVERYONE Missed

Over a decade later, Skyrim still surprises.
By WhatCulture Gaming

10 Video Games With Amazing Bosses (Except The Last One)

We don't talk about the end of Resident Evil 4.
By WhatCulture Gaming

10 Video Games That Punish You For Showing Mercy

Don't trust ANYONE in GTA.
By WhatCulture Gaming

10 Video Games With Bizarre Origin Stories

Smash Bros asked for forgiveness instead of permission.
By WhatCulture Gaming

GTA 6: 10 Confirmed Gameplay Details

The biggest leak in video game history got us SALIVATING.
By WhatCulture Gaming

10 Obvious Video Game Remasters The Industry Is Ignoring

Soul Reaver with modern graphics would be incredible.
By WhatCulture Gaming

10 Worst Video Games Of All Time (According To Metacritic)

The games we CAN agree on.
By WhatCulture Gaming