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Pokémon Quiz: How Well Do You Know Diamond & Pearl?

Gotta remember 'em all.
By Blake Whitehouse

Michael Dorn Confirms Worf's Return To Star Trek!

Dorn's Tweet on Monday has sent the fandom into a tailspin, but what does it mean?
By Sean Ferrick

8 Video Games That Reward You For Doing NOTHING

Take a break and reap the rewards.
By Jules Gill

10 Simple Facts Most Gamers Don't Know

Grand Theft Auto V sold more in 2020 than any year since launch.
By Jack Pooley

8 Video Game Enemies That Made You Say WHAT?!

Mechanical Haunted Houses? Cucumbers With Spears? Deadly Rabbits?!
By Jules Gill

10 Best Stealth Video Game Missions (According To The Internet)

From fan polls to critical consensus - what do we ALL agree on?
By Marcellus Huisamen

9 Awesome Hidden Modes In Popular Video Games You Totally Missed

GTA, Tekken, Metal Gear... the franchises that keep on giving.
By Scott Tailford

10 Open-World Video Game Tropes EVERYONE Is Sick Of

The age of the oversized open-world is over.
By Richard C Shaffer

10 Most Painful Video Game Cliffhangers EVER

The cliffhangers that left players on the edge of their seats, and the ones that NEVER got…
By Lee Clarke

10 Devastating Emotional Video Game Moments That Came Out Of Nowhere

Hello darkness, my old friend.
By Adam Hogg

8 Video Games Whose Best Endings You Never Saw

Sometimes a "bad" ending is way more satisfying than the "good" one.
By Josh Brown

10 Subtle Video Game Twists Everyone Missed

Hidden in plain sight.
By Jack Pooley

10 Worst Levels In Super Mario History

Giving you the most painful nostalgia. 
By James Egan

10 Obscure Video Game Movie Tie-Ins You Had No Idea Existed

Nothing says 'Jurassic Park' like a kung-fu kicking T-Rex.
By Padraig Cotter

Casting The Perfect Red Dead Redemption Film

One of the greatest games of all time could become one of the greatest westerns of all time...
By James Wilson

10 Most Unique Ways You Can Be Killed In Video Games

You ever wanted to drown in a sea of jelly? Me neither.
By Zoë Miskelly

10 Things You Didn't Know About Borderlands 2

You probably haven't learned every secret hiding on Pandora...
By Jonathan H. Kantor

10 Weirdest Unlockable Characters In Wrestling Video Games

By Jacob Trowbridge

9 Video Game "Rewards" That Humiliated Players

All that hard work... for a piece of sh*t?!
By Jules Gill

10 Most Terrifying Video Game Zombies

The gross, the bad, and the ugly.
By Ben Robson

8 Impossible Video Game Hard Modes You Must AVOID

Hardest video game difficulty modes - Devil May Cry, Ninja Gaiden & more!
By Jules Gill

9 Recent Hilarious Voice Acting Fails In Video Games

The worst video game voice acting - Shenmue 3, NBA 2K15 & more!
By Jess McDonell

8 Video Games That Let You Win In The Worst Possible Ways

It's a victory... but not likely a moral one.
By Jules Gill

The Impossible Pokémon Generation Quiz

Maybe you can name them all but can you remember which Generation they're from?
By James Egan

10 Video Game Movie Scenes That Actually NAILED IT

Shining examples of the "video game curse" being broken.
By Jack Pooley

9 Video Games Heroes Who Completely Failed At Their Quest

Well, at least they tried. That doesn't help everyone who died, but still.
By Josh Brown

10 Video Games That Broke All The Rules

Red Dead Redemption 2 could not care less about what you think is "fun".
By Josh Brown

8 Times Video Games Got Star Wars Wrong

Is it a lightsaber, or is it just a glowstick that makes a noise?
By Ewan Paterson

10 Most Insane Video Game Leaks Ever

Nothing is sacred.
By Jack Pooley

10 Secret Video Game Areas You Weren't Meant To Find

Think you've explored these games fully? Think again.
By Danny Meegan

10 Most Broken Escort Missions In Gaming History

A bad escort mission is truly one of the worst things in video games. These 10 absolutely…
By Jess McDonell

Resident Evil 8 Village: 10 Best Fan Theories You Need To Know

Time to follow the breadcrumbs.
By Ben-Roy Turner

12 Dirty Jokes Hidden In Your Favourite Video Games

What do sheep and cocoa have in common? Hopefully nothing, but games may surprise you there.
By Richard C Shaffer

7 Awesome Video Games You Weren't Ready For

You need to play Ninja Theory's Devil May Cry in 2021.
By Scott Tailford

10 Video Game Body Horror Fates Worse Than Death

The most disgusting body horror fates that can befall characters - Bloodborne, Fallout & more!…
By WhatCulture Gaming

Is Marvel's Avengers Doomed?? Story Director Leaves Project

I guess it's a multiplayer focus from here on out??
By WhatCulture Gaming

8 Video Games That Will Make You HATE Your Friends

Get a crown, lose a friend.
By WhatCulture Gaming

Sony Apologise! PS3 & PS Vita Stores Will Stay OPEN

After a week of negative press, Sony have listened.
By WhatCulture Gaming

10 TERRIBLE Levels In Awesome Recent Video Games

By WhatCulture Gaming

Resident Evil 8 Village HANDS-ON - Werewolf Zombies Are Insane!

Scott and Ben-Roy emerge from half an hour with Resident Evil Village, and a TON to say.
By WhatCulture Gaming

8 Incredible Video Game Powers You Barely Got To Use!

A Fleeting Taste Of Raw Power.
By WhatCulture Gaming

10 Secret Video Game Endings Nobody Saw

From Crash Bandicoot 4 to Cyberpunk 2077, these games' secret endings will remain a secret to…
By WhatCulture Gaming

10 Most Broken Escort Missions In Gaming History

By WhatCulture Gaming

10 GENIUS Ways Video Games Hide Load Times

Ever wonder why Marcus had to walk so slow?
By WhatCulture Gaming

10 Video Game Boss Fights That Broke The Rules

By WhatCulture Gaming

What's The Most Overlooked Video Game EVER?

Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter for the WIN.
By WhatCulture Gaming

10 Hilarious Horror Video Game Deaths

What's funnier than a clown chainsawing himself to death?
By WhatCulture Gaming

Ex-Sony Employee Reveals Truth Of Company's Current Mistakes

The inner workings of Sony reveal a company scattered in terms of focus…
By WhatCulture Gaming

Ranking Every Batman Video Game From Worst To Best

Batman: Arkham isn't the only series that's done the Dark Knight justice...
By WhatCulture Gaming

Why Video Game Preservation Matters

Scott, Ben-Roy and Josh talk about the importance of accessing past video game libraries.
By WhatCulture Gaming

8 Video Games With The Best GAME OVERS

By WhatCulture Gaming

10 Darkest Vaults In Fallout History

By WhatCulture Gaming

10 Horror Video Games That Broke All The Rules

Horror games that broke all the rules!
By WhatCulture Gaming

Bioshock 4 Will Be Open-World! Every Confirmed Detail So Far

A new job listing reveals a key detail about Cloud Chamber's new Bioshock.
By WhatCulture Gaming

7 Video Game Post Credits Scenes That Changed EVERYTHING

It seems the ending was actually just the beginning for these games.
By WhatCulture Gaming

Resident Evil 9 Leaked As New Trilogy CONFIRMED

Known Resident Evil leaker "Dusk Golem" continues to deliver!
By WhatCulture Gaming

Sony De-Listing PS3 Games Just Got Ugly

What if games just started breaking right now?
By WhatCulture Gaming

IO Interactive James Bond Game: 10 Things We Need To See

How will the makers of the Hitman video game franchise fare in recapturing that Goldeneye…
By WhatCulture Gaming

10 Video Game Prequels Nobody Asked For

Nobody needed these video game prequels in their life.
By WhatCulture Gaming

8 Overpowered Weapons Hidden In Horror Video Games

Even Nemesis can't contend with a grenade launcher to the face.
By WhatCulture Gaming

WWE 2K22 Trailer Reveal Reaction

WWE 2K22 Wishlist: 10 Things Fans Demand: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3A-PF8PkFpg
By WhatCulture Gaming

10 Video Game Sub-Bosses With Unexpected Second Phases

Video Game Sub-Bosses With Second Phases You Didn't Expect!
By WhatCulture Gaming

New PS5 Uncharted In Development From Naughty Dog & Sony Bend

Scott and Josh focus on a line in Bloomberg’s new repor that confirms a new Uncharted.…
By WhatCulture Gaming

WWE 2K22 Wishlist: 10 Things Fans Demand

WWE 2K22 must be everything long-term fans need and more.
By WhatCulture Gaming