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Ex-WWE Star Tom Zenk Dies At 59

Former tag star & WCW Television Champion.
By David Cambridge

7 WWE Clash Of Champions 2017 Results Predictions

A Christmas turkey?
By Benjamin Richardson

10 WWE Wrestlers Who Lost Their Mojo

Not Rawley.
By David Cambridge

10 Underrated Stars That WWE Should Never Have Released

Those future endeavours turned out pretty rosy, didn't they?
By Jack Morrell

10 Things That Must Happen In NXT In 2018

Another huge year is coming up year WWE's developmental brand.
By John Bills

Vince McMahon To Launch "United Football League"?

Is XFL tainted?
By David Cambridge

Ex-WWE Star Melina Speaks About Rape

Former Women's Champion "felt suicidal" after sexual assaults.
By Benjamin Richardson

10 Things WWE Wants You To Forget About The Undertaker

Even Taker has a few skeletons in his closet.
By Andrew Soucek

10 Best & 10 Worst Dressed WWE Superstars Of 2017

Top Gear
By Michael Hamflett

10 Wrestling Matches You Won't Believe Happened In 2017

Vince finally embraces WCW.
By David Cambridge

8 Last Minute Changes That Could Save WWE Clash Of Champions 2017

Get rid of the lumberjacks, for a start...
By John Bills

WWE Planning More Cutbacks In 2018?

Vince pinching the pennies again?
By David Cambridge

8 Times TNA Tried To Be WWE

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.
By Jack Morrell

10 Images Showcasing Precise Moments Wrestlers Got Over

In which the hard part is made easy.
By Michael Sidgwick

8 Big Concerns Ahead Of WWE Clash Of Champions 2017

Clash & Burn.
By Andrew Murray

Is Vince McMahon Seriously Relaunching XFL?

WWE Chairman considering amazing football comeback.
By David Cambridge

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WWE's Noam Dar Faces 5 Month Injury Spell

205 Live star suffers knee injury.
By David Cambridge

10 Most Disappointing Wrestlers Of 2017

Consolation prizefighters.
By Michael Sidgwick

6 Most Insane Things Happening In Wrestling Right Now (Dec 15)

For Christ's sake.
By Michael Sidgwick

8 HUGE WWE Clash Of Champions 2017 Predictions You Need To Know

Golden Opportunities
By Michael Hamflett

Why WWE's New Show Is A Facebook Exclusive

Mixed Match Challenge debuts on January 16th.
By Andrew Murray

EC3 & Bobby Lashley Could Make WWE Return When Impact Contracts Expire?

Another major blow for Impact Wrestling.
By Andrew Murray

Update On NJPW's US Expansion Plans In 2018

Major progress is on the horizon.
By Andrew Murray

Jim Ross & Jerry Lawler Reuniting For WWE Raw 25th Anniversary?

'King' says he's "99.9% certain."
By Andrew Murray

10 "Then Versus Now" WWE Dream Matches

The bouts we'll never see, but always imagine.
By Scott Fried

18 Biggest Wrestling Stories Of 2017

Headliner headliners.
By Benjamin Richardson

10 Best NXT TakeOver Matches Of 2017

Saturday Night's Alright For Fighting
By Michael Hamflett

10 WWE Creative Success Stories In 2017

Diamonds in the rough.
By Andrew Murray
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WWE 2K18 Launches New Moves Pack

Great news for fans of Tye Dillinger.
By David Cambridge

10 Things That Must Happen In NJPW In 2018

Can New Japan continue its incredible momentum into 2018?
By John Bills