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Why WWE Protected Murphy On This Week's Raw

The Raw Tag Team Champion is going places at the moment.
By Andy H Murray

AEW Tease New Nightmare Collective On Dark?

Did Dr. Luther and Mel try to recruit Jimmy Havoc last night?
By Andy H Murray

9 Ups & 4 Downs From WWE WrestleMania III

The Biggest. The Baddest. The Best?
By Michael Hamflett

AEW Action Figures To Be Carried By Wal-Mart

The line of collectibles hits shelves this August.
By Andy H Murray

WWE NXT Heading To Universal Studios?

Is TNA's old home set to host NXT later this year?
By Andy H Murray

7 Incredibly Heated UFC Press Conferences

They fought on the microphones, before they fought in the Octagon.
By Damian Ali

Ranking All 6 Goldberg WWE Matches Since Returning

Before we ask, "Who's Next?" a look at Goldberg's previous conquests.
By Scott Carlson

Backstage Update On NXT Involvement At WWE WrestleMania 36

Should we expect more than just Ripley vs. Flair on 5 April?
By Andy H Murray

WWE Offering Matt Hardy A Role In NXT?

Could the deleted star be set for a surprise NXT tilt?
By Andy H Murray

WWE STILL Using Same Flight Company Responsible For Crown Jewel 2019 Disaster?

It's almost as if WWE are inviting another Saudi Arabian travel calamity...
By Andy H Murray

Tessa Blanchard References Becky Lynch To Promote Impact Match

"Tessa Two Belts," anybody?
By Andy H Murray

Report: Vince McMahon Missed This Week's WWE Raw

The Chairman skipped this week's episode of his old flagship show.
By Andy H Murray

More Details On Rusev Being Pulled From WWE Super ShowDown 2020

'The Bulgarian Brute' is now reportedly dealing with a back injury.
By Andy H Murray

Samoa Joe Suspended 30 Days For WWE Wellness Policy Violation

So that's why Joe didn't save Kevin Owens on this week's Raw...
By Andy H Murray

10 WWE Champions Who Hated Their World Title Reigns

These WWE stars might have been Champions, but they hated it!
By Nicky Pags

The Real Reason Why John Cena Stopped Rapping In WWE

From 'Doctor Of Thuganomics' to PG era scapegoat?
By Jamie Kennedy

WWE Super ShowDown 2020: 5 Most Likely Outcomes

Grandest house show of 'em all or solid WrestleMania warm up?
By Michael Patterson

10 MMA Stars Who Dated Their Coaches

Some teachers truly love thier students.
By Jacques Martin

11 Most Important Wrestlers Of The Ruthless Aggression Era

These wrestlers knew it was time to shake things up…
By James Moore

Kofi Kingston Almost Had His "Shockmaster Moment" In WWE

The New Day man avoided surefire embarrassment in 2009...
By Jamie Kennedy

Stone Cold Has Been Ribbing Kurt Angle For 20 Years About One WWE Match

Angle throws up the double finger at Austin's teasing...
By Jamie Kennedy

Who Was Supposed To Be WWE's First Women's Tag-Team Champions?

Spoiler: Bayley and Sasha Banks weren't even considered.
By Jamie Kennedy

Two Huge UFC Fights Announced

The Bullet and Triple C are back in town.
By Gareth Morgan

Deontay Wilder Vs. Tyson Fury III Confirmed

And Wilder knows exactly why he didn't have his hand raised on the night.
By Gareth Morgan

Who Tried To Talk Cody Out Of THAT AEW Moonsault?

Someone was "adamant" he didn't do his steel cage dive...
By Jamie Kennedy

Lio Rush Speaks Out On WWE's 205 Live Treatment

The former Cruiserweight Champ isn't happy.
By Jamie Kennedy

Identity Of WWE Raw's 'Disciple' Referee Revealed

Who was Seth Rollins' man on Monday night?
By Jamie Kennedy

Spoiler On WWE Legend Appearing At Super ShowDown 2020

Is a match on the cards for this first ballot Hall of Famer?
By Andy H Murray

AEW's Cryptic New "Join Dark Order" Tease Explained

'The Exalted One' approaches.
By Andy H Murray

5 Ups & 8 Downs From WWE WrestleMania 2

A Tale Of Three Cities.
By Michael Hamflett