10 Movies From 2017 That Really Shouldn’t Have Been Boring

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Though 2017 has largely been a year of surprising triumphs for cinema, it would be reasonable to expect every anticipated movie to fully realise its potential.

What's worse than a movie merely being bad, though, is a movie that's an actual chore to sit through. For instance, Fifty Shades Darker may have been an awful film, but thanks to its surging unintentional comedy, it's actually a relatively easy sit.

These 10 films, however, all had the promise to be solid entertainment at the very least, if not Oscar winners in some cases. Due to directors ill-suited to the source material, awful writing and the ever-troublesome executive meddling, though, they ended up leaving audiences feeling tired and defeated by the time the credits rolled.

At it best, cinema allows us to escape to another world, but in their cookie-cutter blandness, these films all felt like they came off a conveyor belt and left everyone struggling to make it all the way to the end...