12 Scariest Movie Moments Of 2017

You'll float too.

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In a time where audiences think they've seen it all and nothing can scare them anymore, isn't it awesome when a terrifying movie moment burrows its way underneath everyone's skin?

Audiences are more desensitised than ever to jump scares and outrageous gore, but when sharp direction combines with great acting and nuanced writing, even the most hardened viewers aren't above being left disturbed, unsettled and, yes, genuinely scared.

From horrifying death scenes that hit audiences in the gut, to subtle frights that become even more disturbing upon reflection, to a good old-fashioned, well-executed jump scare, these are the 12 movie moments from the past year that truly caught viewers off-guard.

From genres as diverse as sci-fi, drama and even superhero movies, screen terror is very much alive and well, no matter what people might try to tell you. You just need to look beyond the usual, lame PG-13 studio horror movies for the most part...

12. Ryan Reynolds' Death - Life

Columbia Pictures

There are several disturbing moments in this sci-fi horror homage to Ridley Scott's Alien, but nothing hits a visceral note quite as efficiently as engineer Rory's (Ryan Reynolds) death at the hands of the alien creature known as Calvin.

Rory attempts to rescue fellow crew member Hugh (Ariyon Bakare) after he is attacked by Calvin, but ends up trapped, with Calvin surprising him from behind and disappearing inside his mouth.

Over the next two minutes, Calvin begins going to town on Rory's insides, as Rory's eyes become bloodshot and he starts spitting out blood. Rory finally dies as his body continues to expectorate blood, and Calvin escapes from his body.

This is a great example of a scene that's horrifying precisely because of what's implied: we don't see Calvin ripping Rory apart from the inside, but what we're squirming in out seat imagining is no doubt so much worse.