Justice League: 29 Easter Eggs & References You Need To See

Keep your eyes peeled.

Warner Bros., Adult Swim & Duffy Archive

Any comic book movie worth its salt these days is loaded with Easter eggs and nerdy references for the fans to spot, be they innocuous nods at the wider universe, or decisive hints towards the series' future.

Say what you want about Justice League, but the movie is positively jam-packed with fleetingly amusing tips of the hat to DC lore as a whole, as well as general pop-culture.

Sure to leave fanboys giggling with glee at the callbacks to more obscure DC characters, while broader gags pay homage to popular current entertainment, there's something for everyone in here, basically.

Whether or not you enjoyed Justice League, there's an inherent motivation to rewatch the film just to see how many other sneaky references might've been crammed in there, and don't be surprised if even more Easter eggs are uncovered once the movie is out on home video and every frame can be incessantly pored over.

For now, though, these are the 29 biggest Easter eggs and references the web sleuths have managed to uncover...