11 Video Games Destined To Be 2018's Biggest Sleeper Hits

2018 is the year Monster Hunter takes over your life.


Although 2017 is only just wrapping up as far as big new video game releases are concerned, with Star Wars Battlefront 2 being the disappointing final note to an otherwise excellent year, fans are already looking ahead to what 2018 has to offer.

Between huge exclusives like God of War and Crackdown 3, brand new IPs such as Anthem and the regular slate of third-party sequels, it's evident that next year's big hitters are pretty much set in stone (provided they don't all get delayed, of course), with a roadmap of the next 12 months beginning to be laid out.

While the focus has primarily been on these huge titles though, some smaller - but similarly high quality - names have slipped through the cracks, so far not receiving the attention they deserve on end-of-year lists and previews for the upcoming months.

Consequently, you can pretty much bank on some of these smaller titles, if not all them, becoming the breakout sleeper hits of next year. And even if they don't reach the same level of success as a Spider-Man or a Far Cry, mark my words: these will be your new favourite games come this time next year.