9 Best Nintendo Switch Games You're Not Playing

Let's see what this system can do.

Shin'en Multimedia

Back at the beginning of the Switch's lifecycle, having a minimal amount of titles almost worked as a net positive. Nintendo were content having Zelda and Snipperclips up there as first-party and exclusive offerings respectively, with the general feeling from consumers towards the random assortment of third-party titles that then emerged being quite positive.

All in all, it helped various smaller dev studios or more experimental games have their day in the sun, as when the storefront was literally only showing a handful of options, anybody could get noticed.

Now that mentality has seen a groundswell of mobile phone ports and cobbled-together experiences designed to purposefully exploit the Switch's burgeoning player base. The system's popularity, mixed with a lack of store curation on Nintendo's part (not that they should necessarily say no to mobile ports, but an option to omit them would be nice), has resulted in a ton of titles available, yet very little out there as to whether they're any good.

The answer is of course a mix of positivity and negativity and 'buyer beware' is the order of the day, though I can at least help with a handful of genuine recommendations...