9 Critically-Panned Video Games That Players Love

Of course critics love Nier NOW, but where were they back in 2010?


Wielding the power to make or break a new release, official reviews are incredibly important in the video game industry, with players often taking their word as gospel as to whether or not they should drop big money on a new release.

Consequently, titles that may have otherwise been overlooked like NieR: Automata can ride the wave of a strong critical reception to commercial success while a disappointing response can result in huge sequels like Star Wars: Battlefront 2 selling 60% less than the original game.

There has always been a big disconnect between gamers and critics, though, and once the dust has settled and the initial response has had time to measure out, the tastes of the two different camps often diverge. I've already covered how fans can go against the critical consensus and end up loathing some of the most well-received games of all time, but sometimes it can swing the complete opposite way.

Occasionally, critics have piled on a title and deterred players away from buying it, only for them to realise later that they've been missing out on an excellent experience. It doesn't happen too much, but now and then players embrace derided titles and overlook a critical kicking to turn them into some of the most beloved games of all time.