9 Genre-Defining Video Game Franchises That Died While You Weren't Looking

Here today, gone tomorrow.

Not all fledgling ideas - good or otherwise - are meant to be; cancellations and pitch rejections happen on a daily basis without the world ever knowing of their existence. But how on Earth - in our always-online age, no less - do genre-defining classics with established fan bases and proven success fall off the radar without so much as an epitaph to mourn their demise?

Genre-defining, best-in-class, critically acclaimed; you'd think such complimentary terms would smother any franchise awarded those honors with eternal protection from harm, but nope - just one hiccup is all it takes to trigger the irreversible destruction of a much-loved property.

Konami's Silent Hill - a horror landmark - has been MIA since the former's business relationship with Hideo Kojima went caput, and despite it promising otherwise, we've not heard a peep about a potential replacement for Silent Hills in over two years.

And that's a recent example. So many of these genre-defining greats live on in the memory of those that grew up with them, which is more than can be said for their caretakers.

Never forget.