9 Simple Ways To Fix Star Wars Battlefront 2

Are you listening, EA?


Battlefront 2 continues to have the roughest launch of any EA game since Mass Effect 3 - the sheer vitriol and activism present in "taking down" and "reclaiming" what used to be a commendable franchise truly being something to behold.

So far we've had the Belgian Gaming Commission and a Hawaiian government representative investigate whether the game's loot system can be classified as "child gambling", alongside Disney's own Bob Iger calling EA to force-remove microtransactions altogether.

Still, the game remains broken, as frequent lag, disconnects and glitches abound online, resulting in a mounting fan petition to get EA removed as the exclusive distributor of Star Wars video games. At time of writing, DICE and EA are hard at work balancing and fixing the game, attempting - as much as possible - to quell the fires in time for December 15th's arrival of The Last Jedi.

Can they do it? Almost certainly not, but if we're talking immediate, quick fixes that would make everything better asap, they can start with any of the following. Let us know in the comments whether you've picked up Battlefront 2, if you're on the fence, or if there are other fixes and implementations you'd like to see in the game.