Fallout 5: 8 Things That Need To Happen In 2018

A New Vegas remaster? That'll help make the wait a bit more bearable.


It's hard to believe that Fallout 4 came out two years ago. The long-in-development sequel surprised everyone by releasing just under six months from its initial announcement, but unfortunately, it couldn't capitalise on all that condensed hype. Instead of revolutionising the genre and franchise like the previous title, players were disappointed that the series had stagnated between sequels when the likes of The Witcher 3 represented a franchise going from strength to strength.

That didn't stop Bethesda from trying to right the ship though, and the devs continued to pump out solid expansions and DLC which added to the already lengthy experience. But that was the problem: neither Fallout 4 nor its post-release add-ons ever got any better than "solid".

Fans still enjoyed it, but because it didn't make the same splash Fallout 3 did, discussion has quickly refocused around what the developers are going to do with the franchise moving forward.

Fortunately, although there'll probably be a long wait before another instalment, with so much up in the air and Fallout not being the flawless success it used to be, in 2018 Bethesda needs to get their once-untouchable franchise back on track, and this is how.