FIFA 18 Career Mode: 10 Players You Need To Buy First

Get your mitts on a mix of young potential and valuable experience...

EA Sports

Admit it, the first thing you're going to do when firing up FIFA 18's Career Mode is try out those new interactive transfer negotiations. Sitting down with a player's agent to thrash out a deal looks be one of the game's most exciting new features, and that first bargain you get for a top star will feel damn good.

The new transfer system opens up more possibilities than ever before when it comes to signing players, but Career Mode will still be all about winning matches and appeasing the board. In order to do that, focusing your transfer policy on a mix of youth potential and savvy experience will be key to success.

No, we're not going all Alan Hansen and claiming you "can't win anything with kids", don't worry. Still, having a few older heads in your squad seems wise. When you first set up a Career in FIFA 18, there will be so many players (young and old) to choose from; it'll be a minefield of stats and scouting reports, so having the best of both worlds looks like the best bet.

Besides, it'd be a waste to let all those millions sit in the club coffers...

10. Alban Lafont

Young French goalkeeper Alban Lafont was a shrewd buy in FIFA 17, and he'll offer up the same value for money in this year's game too. Still a teenager, the 18 year old is the first choice keeper at Ligue 1 club Toulouse for good reason. One hell of a shot stopper, he's also 6'4" tall.

Toulouse will probably want between £18-20 million for Lafont. If that seems expensive, then consider how vital a good goalie is in FIFA these days. Besides, if you pick a club like West Ham or Liverpool, remember that you've only got Joe Hart on a season long loan as the Hammers and that Simon Mignolet is hardly setting the world alight at Anfield.

Signing someone like Lafont to a long-term contract will pay dividends if you choose to sell him a few seasons in. Hell, even if you pick Man Utd, selling the Spanish maestro David de Gea on for megabucks to someone outside the Premier League then buying Lafont isn't a bad idea either.