Nintendo Switch Tips & Tricks: 8 Features You Totally Missed

Have you seen what the Switch can really do?


Continuing to go from strength to strength thanks to now having no.1 and no.2 Game of the Year shoe-ins exclusive to their system, Nintendo's revolutionary Switch is a major return to form in every possible respect.

Whilst the motion controlled delights of the Wii and the cobbled together experimentation of the Wii U were certainly enjoyable enough, you need only look to the lacklustre reception and implementation of 1-2-Switch to see Nintendo moving on from such a once-profitable gimmick, returning to more fully formed video games.

That said, the Switch has just as many secrets as the Hyrulean landscape or a handful of Mario Odyssey kingdoms. Nintendo aren't ones to release a bog-standard identity-less console, and instead, they've designed something with just as much character as the Kirbys and Warios of this world.

Indeed, 2017 is definitely Nintendo's year, and whilst Sony and Microsoft attempt to turn heads with their half-step consoles that focus on 4K resolutions only a fraction of the populace care about, the Japanese giant have regained their stature as one of the finest purveyors of digital entertainment in history.

Have you seen what the Switch can really do?